Why in english?

Application en français, Karmunuty - La communauté Karma : le titre est en français, puis après tout est en anglais ! Ça n’a pas de sens !

Bonjour @raphbm ! The Karmunity here and the Ambassador program are both currently only in English. Because we are a globally based online community and program, we have all communication in english for everyone.

As we grow however, we hope to offer this in local languages as well! In the meantime, I created a Country group for France where you can bring others to talk, inspire and share all about things specific to France. This can of course be in French! Thanks for you understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

Google Translate (apologies for the mistakes): La Karmunity et le programme Ambassador sont tous deux actuellement uniquement en anglais. Nous sommes une communauté et un programme en ligne à l’échelle mondiale, nous avons toutes les communications en anglais pour tout le monde.

Cependant, à mesure que nous grandissons, nous espérons offrir cela dans les langues locales ! Entre-temps, j’ai créé un groupe de pays pour la France dans lequel vous pouvez inviter les autres à parler, à s’inspirer mutuellement et à échanger sur les spécificités du marché français et à partager tout ce qui est spécifique à la France. Cela peut bien sûr être en français ! Merci pour votre compréhension

Please @helene.billaud or @lucie.pourquier correct me for any confusion!!


Hi Britta,

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Kindly find below my comments :

  • Need to add additional space before “!” in French, ex “en français !”

  • remove “ici” after la karmunity

  • remove 'Parce que" & add capital letter to “nous”

  • I would replace “où vous pouvez amener les autres à parler, à inspirer” by “dans lequel vous pouvez inviter les autres à parler, à s’inspirer mutuellement et à échanger sur les spécificités du marché français”.



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You are claiming French, one native language in many of the African nations, of at least three in Europe and large swathes of Canada is a local language.

On top of that you have Google translated your answer to someone with a good command of the English language as if they had no real idea of how to ask. All this whilst the company you’re work for are prepping an event in Paris.

I am shocked by how rude you are and have probably been looking at this app for 15 minutes in total. Please take a step back, because if this sort of behaviour is how your firm intends to continue then I can’t see a point continuing. It’s not like you are the only app available.

Hey @csmith43, I apologise if my response came across as rude in any way. This was not my intention and the translation was meant to help as the original post was in French and I myself unfortunately cannot speak French.

I hope you can understand that we have decided to build this community with English as the main language. That said, for those who wish to speak French can of course speak it in their country group which is why I created those in Karma Worldwide.

This community is meant to connect, share and inspire zero waste and sustainability, whether that is through Karma, another app or just at your own family table. If you have any further concerns, you can message me on this Karmunity via private message.


Could you, please, share a link to France group? I’m pretty new here and I cannot find it. Merci.

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Of course, this link should bring you right to it! If not, let me know so I can share screen shots of how to get you there :relaxed:

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I didnt see any thing rude about the reply :thinking: she just explained and translated as best she could with the resources she had to hand. It’s nice that she bothered to translate it, a lot of people wouldnt ! Xx

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Totally agree angela-salmon!! Some people can just be VERY touchy and Buffy. The person concerned maybe didnt have anything to eat at all, that day…?..?:wink: