What happened to the grocery box?

I got a message ages ago about grocery deliveries but then nothing?

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I’m just guessing from your name that you’re located in London - we’re setting everything up! Over 7500 people have applied on getkarmabox.co.uk to get one once they arrive so we need to make sure we do this right and that’s why it’s taking a couple of extra days. :slight_smile: Sorry for the wait!


Thank you Hjalmar, i look forward to it coming.
Regards jacqui

Im so disappointed with the boxes ive been offered, they are very expensive and no grocery option? I was expecting a box with a mixture of fruits vegetables and staples like bread ans milk.
Shame i won’t be buying your box after all🙁

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Sorry to hear this! We’re working to get a grocery version up and running over the next few days.
It’s a bit complicated to get this right and make sure it’s available all over London while moving fast but we’re doing our best! We’ve priced it lower than most boxes on the market for similar size/weight.
Thanks for your patience! :heart:

Id like to know which boxes your cheaper than, is it able and cole who are all organic? Your definitely more expensive than aldi or asda or morrisons
Regards jacqui

Hi Jacqui,

Yes, Abel & Cole are completely organic, which is great. Although due to demand they are not taking new customers on at this time. Unfortunately that is the same with many other boxes that offer product of a similar size to ours - such as Oddbox or Riverford. The price for our box includes delivery too, which we can currently do for any address within the M25 - but hopefully expanded outside too in the coming weeks.

Hope that helps,