Weekly or Bi-Weekly Podcast?

Hey All!!

I was thinking of testing out a Zero Waste podcast for the Karmunity and wanted to see what everybody thinks?

We can have interviews with Karma team members, Karmunity members making a zero waste difference, chefs and much more that we can post on here to listen to if you like!

What do you think?


Yes yes yes !! Could go over new ideas for ambassador and stuff too :heartpulse: xx


I think this would be amazing!

It would be really cool to hear from Karma team members and members of the Karmunity and get some ideas on how to spread the Karma message around different countries and cities!


I’d love to listen to! :heart_eyes:


Amazing!! @angela-salmon @Sophia @annsemenko321 Let me know what are some ideas for Podcast topics that you would like to listen to :raised_hands:t3:

I am thinking:

  • Interviews with Karma team members in Sweden, France and UK
  • Talking with chefs about zero food waste ideas
  • Talking with community members/Ambassadors who are passionate and doing cool things with sustainability
  • ??? Extra fun things and ideas you may have!!

I think your ideas are great!

I would love to hear about:

  • What are the main reasons food waste is created

  • Whose responsibility is to prevent food waste from creation

  • What will Karma do when it eliminates all the food waste :sweat_smile:

  • Tips for cafes, restaurants, stores on how to eliminate food waste

  • Tips for ordinary people on how to eliminate food waste

  • The legal part of food waste: what is already done (in Sweden, in UK…) on the governmental level, what needs to be done and what is possible

  • What drives the Karma employees in their everyday work

  • What restrains Karma from emerging on the other markets? What is it about local mindset that needs to be upgraded before Karma comes?