I am a vegetarian, and I am also trying to be vegan as most as possible.

Buying food there is the icon V for vegan.
I would prefer if vegan was default and vegetarian and meat would have special icons.
That would also say that Karma wants to change the views upon theses matters towards a more sustainable viewpoint.


Hey there! We’re actually working on a feature where you can set your preferences just like this so you see your Vegan stuff instead of everything. Currently it’s just a filter but give us some time and we’ll upgrade that experience!



Anders, thanks so much for your suggestions! As Hjalmar says, we are in the process of changing it so that you can set it based on your preferences (which hopefully edge towards more sustainable choices :slightly_smiling_face:).

I also wanted to let you know that I am transferring this over to our App chat under “Feature requests” where we have other awesome suggestions like yours :raised_hands:

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Thanks, sounds great!

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Hey Britta! Is it possible to filter by more than one dietary requirement at once?

@dahmer Great idea