These are some troublesome news in Sweden...

Last week I read a post by Livsmedelverket from 16th of january. Link -> Livsmedelverket. I tagged Karma on Facebook this post. Isn’t there a way Karma can step in?


Thanks for sharing @Dan! This is definitely where we see the future of Karma heading. We want to help tackle food waste from schools to elderly home, from restaurants to grocery stores and from farms to families.

I was thinking of developing something called Karma Educate, where we can inform not only about how to be more conscious the food we throw away but also how to properly store and save food.

Any thoughts?


@Britta I don’t know, but educating is indeed the very best idea to inform the people how truly bad it is with food waste. However, I told these news to Daphne at the webinar. We are probably going to discuss this and more on Wednesday at the ambassador lunch.

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