Sweden? How to get more stores in to this?

Hey Karmafriends…
I just get into the app so am new at this. Im living in a smaller town in sweden, I just Wonder, how can i do so more stores get into this app. I was looking at a little bit bitter town 100km from me, and all the big brands, i mean, foodstores like coop, Ica, was on The map. But same stores in my town does not even exist or shows on my app… But a small café, and the small gas station did i see… So how can this app be a alternative for more stores in my town. And I Wonder allso because the store was The same in the bigger town as my town. Both are Ica and Coop…
Help me, because this is a verry verry good thing. So freeaking amazing… :heart:


Hey @fr.mirjana and welcome to the Karmunity!!

This thread will help you learn more about our Ambassador program. You can sign up if you are interested in getting other places with us in your area or share it with someone you think might be :heart_eyes:

I hope to see your application soon :slightly_smiling_face: