Simple way to store meat

Just a simple way I store meat. Cook, split them into small portions and put them in small bags. Put one or two in the fridge, and rest in the freezer.

In my case, 7 portions of chickenbreasts à 100g each bag, 1 in the fridge and the rest you-know-where.


Great idea @Dan !!! We do something similar with ground beef in the freezer. The only better thing would be to find an alternative for the plastic bags!!


@Britta Indeed, I agree with you. These are, in Swedish, miljöpåsar or miljömärkta påsar (bags), I had sort them out after weight due to my diet thus 100g. My food boxes are taking too much space in our freezer. You can imagine. :joy:

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I know! Food boxes are so bulky, but plastic bags are not great alternatives… I wonder if anyone has ever tried making re-washable bags that do well in the freezer :thinking:

I re-use plastic bags by quick washing them out afterwards. Maybe not the best solution as they don’t last too long, but better than nothing?