Save money by taking packed lunches

Ever logged into your online banking and you’re displayed with a food receipt? You then sit there going through each and every transaction HOPING that some sort of fraud activity had taken place, but nope it was all you. All of it.

On average, I spend £6 on weekdays on food, that is £30 a week, £120 a month! Friday’s I reward myself to a hot dish for lunch which may easily come up to £10. This is just during weekdays at work btw. Let me not even go there regarding weekends. It’s devastating.

For someone who is saving up to buy a property, this behaviour is not on.

I had somewhat a reality check in August and started taking packed lunch to work. Groceries for the week had cost me around £15 (thanks to Lidl and Asda). I was able to prep two dishes a day ( for myself and my boyfriend).

Now we both spend no more than £60 on food for lunch. BINGO!

Take packed lunch guys, you save so much money. I literally saved half.

Thursday’s dish - Honey, garlic glazed salmon with crispy kale/veg and rice.


Looks great and sounds great! Good job :ok_hand:


Indeed great idea! and imagine how much you would save if you were to ditch the meat/fish :wink:

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@kaviee25 How did you make this salmon?? It looks incredible :heart_eyes:

I try to do the same with packed lunches every day, but I find myself running out of good ideas of what to bring. I don’t mind having the same thing all the time, but what are your favourite easy things to prepare? :green_salad:


I know right! I am planning to go vegan next year , let’s see how long that lasts.


Thank you! :smiley: Ah I go through the same. However, I change the flavour/spices in order to have a ‘different’ dish as my taste buds get bored lol!

For this salmon dish, I made a marinade with honey,soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Poured it over the salmon and baked it in the oven.

My favourite dishes are :
Salmon with brown rice with veg.
Pesto Pasta with sprinkles of bacon.
Chicken wrap (with houmous spread)
Veg mixed in quinoa and a boiled egg.


I think it because I am not confident enough in my spices! So I normally just end up using salt, pepper and garlic and maybe an extra spice or two :upside_down_face:

I am definitely going to have to try that for salmon though. I don’t think I have ever had honey with my salmon :heart_eyes:

I always find myself pressed for time so I usually throw together a salad, but I like making things like stuffed peppers, goulash and chicken breast that don’t require much time other than oven cooking.

My boyfriend loves pasta though so he normally cooks that a lot for us as well :spaghetti:

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Any good ideas for veggie cheap quick lunches ?

Love this topic! My boyfriend and I always make lunch boxes on Sundays for the entire week, put some inte the refrigerator and then freeze the rest so we always have something to bring for lunch to work. As we are prepared all the time, we can also “afford” to leave the lunch box in the refrigerator at work and take lunch out if any colleagues offers it. I usually eat out once a week. Spoke to some colleagues who eat out every day, and they spend about 12 EUR per day on that => 60 EUR a week.

Anyhow, my best vegetarian/vegan lunch boxes below. We have found that glass boxes are really useful as you can cook oven dishes such as lasagna straight in the box in the oven.

  • RED LENTIL STEW. Onions, garlic fried in a pan. Add red lentils, crushed tomatoes and coconut cream (or oat cream or whatever you want). Sambal oelek or chili too? Let boil until ready. Don´t forget to stir as lentils burn quite easily. You can also add mushrooms or spinach or something like that. Add some lemon or lime + salt + pepper. Serve with rice/pasta/quinoa/etc.
  • YELLOW CURRY CREATION. Onions, garlic Fried in a pan. Add yellow curry. Add green peas, chickpeas, whatever you have at home. Now coconut cream or oat cream or whatever you like. Let boil a bit, add spinach, salt + pepper and maybe more curry. Serve with rice/pasta/quinoa/etc.
  • VEGETARIAN LASAGNA (use your own favorite receipe). Prepare in your glass boxes in the oven.
  • PASTA SALAD. pasta, feta cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes, green peas, random things you find in your freezer or fridge. Make a vinegraite from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt + pepper and put on top. Some roasted pumpkin seeds on the side? Hummus? Perfect for some warmer weather and yo eat outside :smiley:

What are your best veggie lunch boxes?


I do big portions so i can get a lot if lunchboxes. Since I have done a GBP I don’t have that big lunchboxes… I have a 5 dl lunchbox and the reason is that the smaller one is too low and you can’t fit that much frozen veggies in the lower box. I usually just put frozen veggies in the box cos when you heat it in the microwave it will not get that soggy.
I usually do a big lot in the slow cooker or the big frying pot… and a few other dishes at the same time instead of cooking several days I cook a lot of lunch boxes at the same time.

Haha I remember when I was about to do the fusion on my neck and the coordinator at the hospital asked me.

So do you have someone that will come and fix your food the first weeks??

There is no need I said I have sun lunchboxes that I put in the freezer…

Ok that’s great my dear, but I don’t think you understand…
You can’t lift more then 2 pounds for 6 weeks.
You are going to need more then a few lunchboxes… you really need someone to come and cook for you…

No need I said again, I did lunchboxes…

Really dear… but that will not be enough …

Well I said. Don’t you thing 96 lunchboxes will be enough??

Ehh what??? 96? You are kidding right?


But… how could you fit 96 lunchboxes in the freezer??? That can’t be… :thinking:

Yep…96 :smiley:

Oh my God!!’ :scream:![image|666x500]


(upload://yJ3GdWvkcGhjoFIlmfvj26OOBhu.jpeg) (upload://sj2VLYsxt4A4SRb38djXH2xhTQF.jpeg)