Request for cart locking

Adding an item to the cart does not lock the item in the database. This means that someone else can buy the item if they are faster than you. Even if one of the items in the cart has been sold out during this time frame, it blocks the entire transaction and other available items can’t be bought. The app does not notify the specific item that has been sold out, so the only way is to empty the cart, force quit the application (it doesn’t update stock count automatically) and add the items again.

I understand that locking an item will create its own problems but limiting this period may help. For example up to 3 minutes which can begin the countdown after the first item has been added. This lock may be a scoped to the cart instead of an item and the countdown may be shown near the cart icon if there are any items in the cart.


Thanks for your feedback @erdihu! I know that our team has talked about the cart quite a bit and are working on finding new ways to help with these types of problems :shopping_cart: :thinking:

I can pass this along to @kate and maybe she has some extra insight as well :relaxed:

6 months has passed and this feature has still not been implemented. I believe the Karma team has more important features to add or bugs to fix than to work with such features which would give value to end customers.

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Hey there - we’re currently working on a couple fo major updates to the user application. We’ll keep you posted when we can start working on this feature! Thanks for keeping us on our toes :slight_smile: