Please anyone who has groceries that include kids

Hello everyone am new here still perusing how to use this application
Please anyone who has groceries for adults and children under the age of 8 contact me
My expenditures are above my income when it comes to groceries l got 5 small children
Instead of disposing save the planet


Maybe include your general location so that folks local to you can readily help out? :slight_smile:

Hello sir
Good morning am so happy to get your response but unfortunately l think am greatly new on this application and don’t know where to send to please someone assist me please

My warm regards and appreciation


I’m honestly new to the application myself, but I was more or less thinking you either edit your original post or just reply here with your general location.

Hello my dear friend
You are so generous in deed a caring person we need people like you in the world

Better with my location not general with the location the repercussions will be reasonable

I appreciate you as a person who really wants to help inoder to reach the goals of changes

Where are you located by the way

My best regards


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I’m sorry. I really don’t understand what you’re saying. Thank you for the compliments though. What is your primary language, if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m in New York.

Thanks Josh for getting back to me
I speak swedish and English bit of French as well

Am in Sweden

I was answering someone else about how to use the app and what l needed in food items