Overpriced regular items and then discounted at Karma

Hi, i work at liljeholmen and eat out regularly during lunch. I am very familiar with the lunch prices in most retaurants near liljeholmen.
However, lately i see that some restaurants overprice and then discount 50% on karma. This does not seem fair.
For example, the ordinary price shown is 150kr and then discounted to 75kr on karma. However, the regular lunch prices are 105 or 110 sek. How do we report such cases?


Yes! Same here in Malmö! It’s not fair. I reported to kundservice.

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Thanks @mkretilf and @jozwiakkenan - we’re working on adding a report function in the app. Until then contacting customer support through the app is the fastest way for us to respond and stop such behavior! Thank you for reporting it here for now :pray: