Overpriced regular items and then discounted at Karma - New issue

I had written about a restaurant in Liljeholmen (4 flickor and deli) on 29th April. This issue was closed.
I reached out to Karma customer care, regarding overpricing of items and then discounting by 50% on Karma app. Their regular lunch price is 110 kr. However, they show its 189 kr and reduce by 50% on their app. This is unacceptable.
I reported this issue and some action was taken. However, this restaurant has started doing the same thing again.
When will the report function be available to report such frauds?

There is another restaurant that i follow - The south indian restaurant in Kista. They are following the same tactics. Their regular Menu has 139 kr for Spinach lamb masala. However, they report it as 159 on the app, and then reduce by 50%.

Is this how KARMA is suppose to work? Or is it that vendors decide different pricing for Karma? We joined this mission to avoid food wastage.