Order labels/tags for fridge pickup

As a user, I want to get straight forward indication on which package to take from a Karma Fridge, so I don’t mix up my package with someone else’s order.

Currently the user needs to guess which package to take from a Karma fridge, so it’s easy to make mistakes.

It would be good to use for instance some labeling universally (same labels in every store) so the user would be used to what to look for. A label with full name and some other info like bar code could help. (The barcode could be scanned by the user to confirm the pickup)

Or maybe it would be even better if there were different size lockable compartments inside the fridge (Instabox like) or a vending machine like system. Just thinking out loud…


Hey @gregoriom and thank you for all your amazing feedback and suggestions!!

I have forwarded this along to our Fridge team and they were excited to get some insight :heart_eyes:

We will keep trying to make it easier to avoid mixing up orders :+1:t3:

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One more thing to this topic:
Picking up for instance a loaf of bread from a fridge is not ideal (the bread gets hard). It would be better to have the possibility to store certain products in room temperature compartments. Such compartment could be an extension of the current fridge or just have a bigger cabinet where there is space for storing stuff outside the fridge. Could be solved several ways.

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