Maten är faktiskt inte alltid 50%billigare

Hat nu sett flera och flera försäljare annonsera ut varor till fullpris, 100%. Det stör mig att det går om ni samtidigt på samma sida säger att maten alltid är 50% billigare.
Om ni då tillåter olika rabatter så får man kunna filtrera bort varor med fullt pris.


Hey @lindp and thank you for reaching out! Apologies that my Swedish is not very good, so I hope English is okay with you :relaxed:

Please note that our main model of saving surplus food at 50% off remains, however the safety of our customers, consumers and partners is our top priority and we are now seeing how the spread of COVID 19 is causing concern in the industry about what will happen over time. We have noticed an increase of pressure on the food stores and home deliveries which has created strain in the food chain. Local restaurants and cafés are also struggling to keep open when sales go down.

Therefore, this week we have launched a few new services and would like to support the industry and the society in every way that we can with our platform. This includes a temporary full price option for our retail partners to assist them in this time. If you would like to learn more please visit us at:

We hope that you understand and we will continue to keep you updated with further changes as well as temporary services for our partners and users! We will also do what we can to ensure that users are still able to have the best experience as well.

Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok. Please consider taking down the “always 50% off” texts from the app and writing this instead, it’s better to not contradict yourself :slight_smile:


Hey @lindp yes we are working on providing an in-app notification now for our customers to mitigate confusion! Thank you again for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the feedback! We’re now clearly splitting up surplus which is our regular business and being able to purchase full price items to support your favourite places during the COVID-19 crisis!

Thanks again, always great to understand how everything we do is perceived :slight_smile:

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There is a restaurant that doesn’t apply 50% on their surplus. (Don’t know the right place to post this, but the restaurant is called Lilla Grisen.)
Their take-away price is 80kr but they sell Karma for 50kr.


Will check @daphne.perlmutter

Osthyveln på Hisingen Gbg listar fantasi priser.
Sett exempel på kg priser (omräknat på hg osv) där ord pris skulle vara runt 1000 kr/kg för ganska ordinär ost.
Vem skulle köpa vid dessa priser?
Mer fejk får man nog leta efter, butiken borde rensas bort pga lurendrejeri.