Manipulation of full price for unsold items

The idea behind Karma is to rescue unsold food at a reasonable discount to prevent food wastage. The new options for Home Delivery and being able to list fresh food at full price are all fine. According to me, what’s not okay is that newly added restaurants are manipulating their Menu prices so that after the Karma mandated 50% discount, the final price for the unsold food is quite close to the real and actual menu price. I have dined at a restaurant where the normal price is 110kr for a particular dish. However, in their Karma unsold food listing, the same dish is shown as 95kr (50% off on 190kr). The full price items are not inflated by much as even loyal patrons would not want to pay more than they have to just because they are using the Karma app.
They never show the same dish in both the unsold and full price sections as then the disparity and manipulation would be quite obvious. Is your favourite restaurant doing the same? Just check the in-restaurant menu pictures on Google Maps for your favourite restaurant and compare it with their Karma listing.
What’s Karma’s take on such practices? What do other food rescuers think about this? Okay, not okay?


THanks for highlighting @anjaneya.mhatre_karm! We’re adding a report function in the app for these exact instances.

Which restaurant are you referring to? We can help immediately here (ping @daphne.perlmutter)

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Hi @anjaneya.mhatre_karm - thanks for your information about pricing for this specific restaurant. Let me know the name of it and I will contact them directly.

Is it Cumin Club maybe? I got also the same… very little food where regular price supposed to be 170sek. Feel tricked.


Saravanan Bhavan (St. Erksplan, Stockholm) is also inflating their normal price. E.g., the same item displayed on Karma at 199sek is normally priced at 129sek in the restaurant.


Thanks all! @daphne.perlmutter will look into this! We’re also building a report-feature in the app so you can instantly report this type of behavior if you see it :heart: