Karma+pick up service


Right now, during the outbreak of Corona virus Covid-19, I would gladly have the opportunity to order karma pick ups with pick up services. I visited a restaurant yesterday and they had great problems with fewer guests due to the virus. People are avoiding the restaurants.

If we could help with buying up their unsold food due to the shortage of customers, we could help businesses survive and supply us with great food even longer.

But I understand that people don’t want to put their own life’s at risk being out in the community and the city more than necessary.

That’s why I’d love if we could make something like this happen. We’re a strong and great community people!


Hey @nobbe, I completely agree!!

We are currently looking into options of ways to deliver food in these times to help all those in need (restaurants and families alike).

Our team is trying to see if we can gather some cars and some individuals who are interested in delivering food from Karma. Let us know if you have some ideas of other ways we can help as well :slightly_smiling_face:



The only thing I can advise is close talks with the sellers to find good ways for them to advertise their products to the community.


Hey @nobbe,

Just to keep you updated, we are now working to get home deliveries out in Stockholm as well as looking into London. You can read more about how it works for those in inner city of Stockholm here!

We will keep everyone posted as new changes come into effect :green_heart: :karma: