Ive got an organic food ecommerce in Spain, with local/regional deliveries. I am wondering if there is a KARMA network already in place in Madrid area, and if it would be possible to contribute to it with the excess / near expiring date of non perishable organic items.

Thanks and Regards,

Dulcinea Ortiz

BIOFOOD, Naturalmente ® info@biofood.es FB:@biofoodES | IG:@biofood_ES


Hey Dulcinea and welcome to the Karmunity! So glad that you found us and are looking for ways to save your surplus food in your business :heart_eyes: I would love to set up a chat with you to discuss how we are growing in Europe. We would love to get people in Madrid excited about saving your excess organic items.

If you want to contact me through britta.patterson@karma.life and we can schedule a time to quick chat :relaxed: