Is this supposed to be the quality of Karma box?

Was very excited about our first Karma box delivery today. Now after I have received it I start wondering if this is a mistake, or?

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Hey there! I’m terribly sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the contents of the box, that looks like a sad piece of broccoli. Can you please reach out to our support team at


I did, but not much help from your support team.
First, they keep trying to say “as long as there is no mold, then it is ok to cook and eat”.
After I show them the picture of the mold, yes I got 10% discount for the next delivery but I have received a few more items that are in bad condition and mold again.
Now I have already canceled the subscription. I like the idea and intention of saving food but I do not want to make myself unhappy because I continuously buying foods that should not be sold to consumers.



Hi Teyi - I’m sorry to hear this. We’ve upgraded a lot of our logistics and transports during the summer as well as the quality of the surplus we receive so nowadays (just in the last 3-4 weeks) the boxes are already looking a lot better. Always great to hear feedback from early users like yourself so we can improve further!

Thanks for trying us out and I hope you will again, every box makes a difference!

Hi, just want to add a note to the quality of the Karma box. I subscribe Veg & Fruit box and generally very happy with the quality. Only when we get berries, they are most likely already moldy when they arrived to me and I have to throw away (also feeling very bad to do this).
I believe the box is made to reduce the food waste but if these berries are going bad while sorted and delivered to the houses, maybe you should better to find other ways to save these berries.


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