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  • Let us know where you are from :earth_africa:
  • What brings you to the Karmunity :tada:

My name is Britta and I am your Karmunity Manager!! :karmalogo: You can see my introduction when you scroll down if you need inspo :laughing:

Just hit the reply button below to say hello! :arrow_lower_right:

Looking forward to getting to know you all :star_struck:



The Karmbassador Dan here! :slight_smile:
I am one of Karma’s ambassadors (thus Karmbassador name).

I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. I’m 31 years old, single, and attending my last year to a Health Educator at Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan in Stockholm.

I love health, fitness and environmental subjects such as Karma by Zero Food Waste a.k.a. matsvinn in Swedish.

I’m an IFBB Athlete in Classic Bodybuilding and living an active, healthy lifestyle. I love saving food from being wasted. I recycle, I sort out my trash such as plastic and etc.

Nice to meet ya!


Hey all, so happy that we’re live with this updated Karmunity! :wave:
I’m Hjalmar - CEO & Co-Founder of Karma!

I love to work (as you might figure from how fast Karma is growing!), sing (I went to music/choir school for almost 10 years), work out using the app Centr (no affiliation just love the app) and to hang out with my fiancee!

Amazing to be here and see that more and more people are joining to share their passion for ending food waste around the world. Let’s do this, together!


Hi ! :heartpulse:
My name is Olivia and I’m 19 years old!
I’m super passionate about the environment which is what first drew me to Karma as the food waste problem needs to be tackled. :apple:
I am currently backpacking Europe for 5 months with my boyfriend and then onto Bali for a month. :railway_car::airplane:
Karma has defo helped us out a few times along the way! :joy::heart:
I also have a blog where I talk about my travels, veganism and sustainable living! :seedling:

I’m so excited to be a part of the Karmunity and can’t wait to see Karma grow! :heart::heart:


Hey y’all!! My name is Britta and I am your Karmunity Manager!! I CANNOT wait to grow with you all as we spread the word in our journey to become the first Zero Food Waste Generation :heart_eyes:

I am a runner, an adventurer, a singer and a free-spirit! I love to travel and my favourite food combo is chocolate and peanut butter :peanuts: :chocolate_bar: Yes, I am guilty of eating peanut butter straight from a jar with a spoon while munching on chocolate :joy:

I HATE wasting food in my home so we shop quite often, use our freezer and find ways to use extra food in the fridge or fruit on the counter. Seriously you guys, with your help we can make this happen :party_blob:

LET’S DO THIS :partying_face:


@oliviaholmes12345 Welcome to the Karmunity!! So cool your are doing a backpacking trip!! I can’t wait to read your blogs on traveling whilst spreading the word on zero waste and sustainable living :heart_eyes:


@britta thank you! Am super excited to be a part of the karmunity! :heartpulse::blush:


Hey everyone. Jules in Liverpool, UK here. Yes yes yes, Mo Salah and The Beatles but also a huge city for foodies and I’m looking forward to helping our outlets reduce their food waste.


My name is Leif Karlsson, born and raised in Swedish Weastcoust,
And I think that Karma is a very good idea for both the store owner and the consumer. What brings me here, think it’s abig hos much food that we waste.


My name is Manoj and I am happy to be part of Karmunity! I am from Sri Lanka now lives in Stockholm. I run Trip Travel Sri Lanka Destination Management Company and tour operation targeting Sri Lanka. #trip_travel_srilanka
I’m passionate about the environment, waste management and promoting sustainable practices.
I love this initiative driven by Karma to reduce food waste generation. What other best ways for food waste management, rather than stopping it from entering the waste stream?
I am super excited to be part of this Community.


Hey @Chocka @brastaleif @Manoj and Welcome to the Karmunity!! :karmalogo: We are so thrilled to have you all on board! Feel free to post, like, and read away! I will be posting more in the coming days so stay tuned :grinning:


Thank you for the warm welcome, looking forward to a great friend ship and a that we can change the world together, and take care of the "waisted food ", I know it means a lot for so many people :+1::ok_hand::revolving_hearts:


Hello everyone!

My name is Tiger, I am 18 years old and I live in Sweden. I have applied to the ambassador program to help out with this great idea of app!

Since I am a student I also find this useful for not having the budget to eat good food, and by having this option I can still get food on the table that’s not ramen noodles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cannot wait to see where this journey lands me and I want to help this as much as possible!


Awesome, welcome to the Karmunity @TigerLundberg we are so happy to have you on board!! :smile: I remember my student days when finding affordable food that wasn’t pre-packaged and full of preservatives was nearly impossible!

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us all as well :fork_and_knife::earth_africa: We hope to see you as an Ambassador :relaxed:


Hi dear ones!

I’m a kind soul who loves animals, great food and of course - KINDNESS!

I live in Southern Sweden (Skåne County) and it’s very cool to be able to help out in this mission together with Karma - you creators are awesome!

Sending you all tons of great energy and love!:innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Hi Theres!
I’m Anne, living in Östersund. I run my own business in the area of research, process support and as a speaker on local rural development.
My spare time I spend outside; hiking, biking, exploring with my dog and youngest son.
Let’s save food together!


Warmest of Welcomes @sabbe and @Goldie!! We cannot wait to grow and spread our mission with amazing individuals like yourselves who want to make a difference in their home, in their local communities and in their planet :earth_africa: :karmalogo:


Hi i m Helene,
I m French, I got to know Karma when I moved to Stockholm with a very very tight budget and it saved me from my boring plain pastas more than a few times. Now just happy to share it around and especially looking out for the cheese offers and when it launches in south of France


Hey Guys!

I’m Barry - I work for Karma in Sales in the UK team and have been here for 1 year today!

Thought I’d celebrate it by posting here & saying how cool it is to see the Karmunity growing so fast :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you guys, have a great Friday!



Hi Karma People!

My name is Chevan and I am just starting up from Falköping near the Swedish West Coast. More cows than people here so lets see what we can do :cow:
Joined in from a Facebook-group called Heja Livet and discount on delicious food are always welcomed. If I can earn any on this its a hit <3