Increasing incidents of Karma bags or unspecified items on Karma. I hope we won't adopt the Hobson's choice approach like TooGoodToGo!

Hello all,

This is my first post here, although I’m normally an avid user of Karma.

Over the last few months , I’ve noticed more sellers stating things like selection of cake or pastries rather than . I’ve had of disappointing experiences, in which I’ve been given things that I don’t want and/or wouldn’t normally buy ( for example chocolate cake or victoria sponge when red velvet cake is in the shop window) . This is one of my biggest frustrations with Too Good ToGo ( you don’t choose what a retailer gives you) and one of the main reasons I love Karma - the power to choose.

I must say I’ve had a couple of good experiences where the seller has allowed me to choose the specific items that I would like. However the inconsistency is pushing me away from Karma.

Please can we get sellers to be specific about what is actually on offer and/or make it possible to cancel a purchase if the retailer is deliberately being vague to offload unpopular goods?

It’s particularly important for those with food allergies and other dietary requirements.

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