Im new and i want to become a ambassador

Hello my name is Ide, i live in hoorn the netherlands and im 18 years old.
I think its very useless to waste food remains and i really want to save the food thats getting wasted so i ended up by karma and i think its gonna be great/creative to become an ambassador.
I hope to hear from you soon !
Kind regards,



Hello @idemohamed Ide and welcome on Karma and Karmunity, :slight_smile:

It’s great to see that you aware of the food waste and you want to do something about it.

You can sign up to become an Ambassador via this link.

Karma will keep an eye out for your form. They have a process that consists of a one-on-one with @Britta and then a Webinar with one of the sales experts in Sweden.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Ambassador team. :wave:

Have a good Sunday evening.


Hey @idemohamed and so glad to have you in our Karmunity! I also wanted to add my warm welcome to @Arthur 's :heart_eyes:

As he shared with you, there is an application that you can fill out to become an Ambassador! Once I get those, depending on your interests and where you are located, we will get you started on your journey.

For others who are also interested, please check out this thread to learn more about how to apply to become an Ambassador :karmalogo: :raised_hands:

From all of us here at Karma (including our amazing Ambassadors), we look forward to having you onboard :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello. My name is Ida and I live in sweden in a city called Kristianstad. I Work in circle k and I know how much food we are throwing just on our little store. Its not okey. When I was introduced to karma I was so happy and every Day I try to talk to peole about karma. I really think that I can reach out to paople about saving food. Have a Great Day. / Ida


Despite some personal setbacks (one of them being sickened by COVID-19), I’m genuinely interested at some point becoming a Karma ambassador.


I just because an ambassador and got a long I should click on to set a time to do the webtalk but when I clicked on the link I got a message that the link didn’t work so I could not choose a time to do the talk… I sent a mail back to the person that sent this mail to me but I have not gotten any reply back about this… so what do I do know?