I have Introduced myself, what's next?

Start by joining your country in Karma Worldwide so that you get to grow with your community! You can shoutout cities and restaurants you want on the Karma map, hear about new places that started selling with Karma that day and get the excitement going wherever you are :karma_color:

Then check out our categories based on your interests:

  • Food Talk for our foodies and savvy savers (Remember: Food only please :hamburger::heart_eyes: )
  • Events for our go-getters, awareness spreaders and celebration seekers :partying_face:
  • Karma App for our loyal users who want to hear about new releases, upcoming ideas and more :iphone:
  • General Chat for our creative minds who think outside the box :art:

Start by reading, hearting :heart: what you like and maybe commenting on somebody’s AWESOME post! Why not head here and help be a part of the creation!! Then why not try sharing something yourself? :party_blob: