How to be zero waste when you buy a food you find out you hate??

Hey everyone, Bea here.

First off, I am super excited to be a part of this community. What you guys do is truly awesome. Not sure if anyone has an answer to this question, but I bought this side dish at the store the other day and I really, really dislike it… I hate throwing food away, but my partner doesn’t like it either and I just can’t seem to stomach it.

Has this ever happened to anyone where you bought food you hated and if so what did you do?? If it helps, I live in Sweden and it is a sill (herring) and red beet salad. I like them both individually, but not together I guess. I don’t even know how else I could use it!!

Any ideas/help, please it would be amazing!?

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Hmmmm, great question! I always hear people suggests their dogs, but not sure if a dog would go for that. Maybe try to mix it with a bland item (like rice) to spread out the flavour a bit?

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Well I am a bit worried about adding rice and then being worried about having to toss that too…

Chickens basically know what they can and can’t eat, maybe a neighbor has a few chooks? Or if you know someone who hot composts, you could ask if they want to add it to their heap? You can also compost meat with the ‘lazy’ compost method, just make sure its completely covered so you don’t get too much vermin. Or you could bury it in your garden under a tomato plant or something? It will love the nutrients and thrive but I wouldn’t do it too often in the same area because I’m not entirely sure of the risk of heavy metal accumulation in the soil. Certainly won’t hurt if it’s just the one meal and the soil will bloody love it. Sorry if that wasn’t much chop for an answer but I don’t like fish lolol


@GreenBea i usually get doggybags of leftovers and give to needing persons outside the store or mall. Maybe not in corona times but with à Nice drink and maybe bread or Criss it’s à lunch meal