How do you Zero Waste?

What is one small (or big) way that you incorporate zero waste into your life?

Now that we are growing I am hoping we can share some inspiration :raised_hands:

This is anything and everything sustainability so it can be more than just food!! No plastic, minimalism, second hand, feel free to share one thing or more :slightly_smiling_face:


I only buy second hand clothing and am working on learning how to see using scrap fabrics and remnants.
I also use bar shampoo and conditioner to avoid those plastic bottles.


I dont use plastic or paper bags for my groceries and never buy anything that is one tine use


@charlotteW which shampoo and conditioner do you use?? I really want to switch as well, but I always am in need of a deep conditioner!

I always try to sew my clothes to repair them myself but are you hoping to use fabric scraps for mending or creating?

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@ps4userkirt same for me with the bags! We always bring our backpacks.

I am wondering if you have any suggestions for floss that isnโ€™t one use? I feel like there are probably good multi-use solutions that maybe you have come across!


I just started using the lush ones and they work really well for me by my hair is pretty low maintenance lol
For the sewing, I figure the only thing that I canโ€™t buy at a thrift or consignment shop is bras, panties, and lingerie and those require very little fabric so scrap fabrics work for that.


I have been using tote bags for getting groceries for years. In addition, I rarely buy clothes new anymore, but use apps like Depop, or just go to second hand stores to buy them preloved! Itโ€™s much more fun and so much more affordable as well.


Iโ€™ll drop below some of my zero waste faves & some other bits I do to stay plastic free :karma: :heart_decoration:

Bathroom & personal care:

  • Safety razor: Bambaw
  • Razor blades: Derby
  • Toothbrush: F.E.T.E
  • Floss: Georganics
  • Shampoo: Faith in nature (refilled at my local health food shop)
  • Conditioner: Faith in nature (refilled at my local health food shop)
  • Bar soap: Elemis
  • Mensurual cup: Luna


  • Reusable water bottle: biogeo
  • Lunchbox: silver Bento
  • Reusable straws
  • Teapot & tea strainer (use loose leaf tea as it tastes better and no plastic!)
  • Recycled bamboo kitchen towels
  • Reusable bags


  • Buy & sell on depop
  • Charity or thrift shops
  • African soap nuts for laundry

Every day random items without a category:
-recycled paper notepads

  • pencils over pens where possible
  • always buy fruit and veg loose

Iโ€™m sure there are many things I have forgotten off this list but heres a few that I use! I love reading about what everyone does to help the planet! :love_letter:


What an awesome list! Thank you for sharing this! :smiley:


@Britta Instead of buying floss I use a WaterPik - it shoots high pressure water between your teeth, does a great job and theres no extra waste! :raised_hands:

In terms of other sustainable habits, I use scraps of old fabric to make hair scrunchies and sell them online!

And I love to make banana bread with overripe bananas :banana:

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You could search for a buy as you need store near you, they stock the shampoo and conditioner you bring the bottle and get it weighed and then fill up and they charge you for the difference xx

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Thank you for the list!! Will definately use alot of these!!:heart_eyes:

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