How do I help Karma grow in my area?

Im very new to this so I don’t like if this is a dumb question but I live in a pretty decent city that currently isn’t available. I want to know what I can do to help Karma grow in my area and if I have to be an Ambassador to do that. Thank you!


Hey im kirt. I live in san antonio. Im new as well. Im working to be ambassador and then i was thinking we should team up and share idea.

Thats me btw

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Hey @charlotteW and welcome! Not a dumb question at all, it can be difficult to know where to start and spread the word even for us!

Where are you located?

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@Britta I’m currently living in New Orleans


Ah, we are really hoping to come to the US, but because we are still a start-up, we have to first spread awareness in parts of the world we are not active yet in! For any city in the US, it is first about finding interest and creating connection :slight_smile:

The best thing to do is bring people here and help us to let people know of who we are and what we do! We created the country groups just as @ps4userkirt was hoping to team up and come together with the same mission.

I know it’s huge with the US, but it’s a place to start and connect with others who share similar passion and maybe zip codes :slightly_smiling_face: As we grow, we can also have states and then cities for groups as well :raised_hands:

If you want to do even more, you can PM me here on the Karmunity and I can talk with you further!


I’m interested in this as well. I live in northwest Connecticut and would be very happy to introduce Karma to our area of the world!! Please advise me of the protocol /policies and exactly what it is we can do. I’m doing more research on here but would love a DM to see if we can colab ! Thanks!

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@nmsully73 Welcome to the Karmunity! This is exactly why we set up our ambassador program over at - looking forward to see you there!