How do i get my free month with cmore since ive saved food fibe times

I should recieve cmore free for a month if i sabed food five times before tje 5 of june wich i did but how do i get it? Havent got anything by mail so how do i do?

Same here… will we get a mail or notificationin the karma app Or what?

Hey @mumlan62 and @robert.terlevic you should have received an email with all the information required by now if I’m not mistaken? :slight_smile: Enjoy your free month and thanks for saving the world one meal at a time!

I have the same issue, have notreceived an email yet. I have purchased 5 times over 20kr.
Thanks for the help madmax.

Hi there Team Karma,
I’m also waiting for some info for the free month of CMore.
Looking forward to hearing from you :blush: