How do I get Karma started in New Zealand

Hi all, I came across Karma when I was spending some time in London in 2018. I have ever since remember the app and would love to bring it to New Zealand. The kiwis are big in environmental and zero waste, I believe i would be able to get it kick started easy. But how do we do it? Can someone send me a guideline please?


Hi @angelac,

Thank you for your kind words and your interest in starting Karma in NZ!
We’re currently only taking ambassador applications from Sweden, UK and France so I’ll have to get back to you when we open up for applications elsewhere. I hope your interest remains until then :slight_smile:


Hi Hjalmar,

Thank you for your reply.
I hope you can look into New Zealand Market soon. In nz we are very active on environmental issues which include zero waste. We have massive network and I believe if we do it right, we can get the hype up in no time. I’m happy to work with Karma and work as the first in New Zealand if you would like to discuss further.


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