Home delivery? What happend with the food to save?

This has now become an app thar has lost it”s purpose. I think that we all like that we can save food and for a good price. Now all suggestions are home deliervy and full price. This is not ehat I want.


Hey there @nilsson65 - our purpose to end food waste remains and we’re helping the industry during the crisis. You can get the surplus food delivered (which helps reduce waste even more) and the full price items is a temporary band aid to make sure we don’t lose our beloved restaurants.

We’re working on making sure the full price items don’t get mixed up with the surplus so please bare with us as we’re moving as quickly as we can to make sure your experience of Karma fighting food waste isn’t negatively impacted in any way!


Also - 95% of the food on the platform is still surplus food that’s being saved as usual so while some restaurants might use the full price opportunity it’s very much the same Karma at the core :slight_smile: