Help! Apple Overload

I find that when I have a lot of extra apples, I never know what to do to keep them from going bad or how to use them up :apple::green_apple::apple::green_apple: What are your best food hacks for apples? Let me know by hitting reply below! :arrow_lower_right:


@Britta Iโ€™ve seen thisโ€ฆmaybe it works well for you and anybody else who would need apples :upside_down_face:

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@sabbe Wow! I have never seen this before, so cool :hushed: Can anybody update this map when they find a good fruit picking spot?

Do you have any good tips for when you have too many apples?? I have tried keeping them out on the counter and inside the fridge, but I am not sure how to make them last longer! I normally end up making an apple crisp, but I have no other good ideas yet!! :upside_down_face:

apple compote = cook your apples with a bit of salty butter and freeze it or put it into your recycled glass jar and they can last for a few months (if properly airtightly put in the jars)


If you freeze a whole apple, then defrost for 3 hours, you can juice it by hand. Otherwise Iโ€™d peel, slice, add a dash of lemon juice and freeze for apple pie


@helene.billaud and @Chocka thanks for the amazing tips! I had not even thought about chopping them up for a compote or to store in the freezer!! I love making Apple and Cinnamon pancakes and I used to always use store bought frozen apples if I had no fresh ones at home :heart: :pancakes:

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Great tips! :smiley:
You can also make dried apples(or pears)in the ovenโ€ฆit is so much greater the candy. Slice them thin (like 2-3 mm) and lay each slice on a tin with baking paper(you can reuse them later)separately and put in the oven(100 degrees C) for 3-4 hours. Open the oven a little bit for a while now and then to let out some moist. You can have like 2-3 tins in at the same time so yo save energy by doing a lot at one time. Saving your own time to :relaxed:.


Great ideas! I usually do compote without any added sugar or of course you can bake apples removing seeds inside and adding sugar and cinnamon inside and a bit of water to make juce and that is very good!


Hey, I love me a nice crisp apple!!

I know this doesnโ€™t transform the apple, but I like chopping it up into cubes and adding it to salad and making Waldorf salad :yum: :apple: :green_apple: The green apples I think are best in that, but sometimes it is good to add a bit of both to please all pallets!


You can also bake apples in the oven withdrawing the seeds and adding only a bit of sugar that is delicious!

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I loveee to make cinnamon apples. I just cut an apple and cover the pieces in cinnamon and then put in the microwave until they are warm and soft. Yummy to eat like it is or add to your oatmeal/yoghurtbowl.

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Apples is great to dry!!! Slice and hang on strings to dry. Awesome for mรผsli or Plain tangy snacks. Lasts long in tight jar, but make sure they are DRY before stashing