Gothenburg we are here! Karma Box deliveries- soon at your door!

We are now launching our Karma Fruit and Veggie boxes in Gothenburg!

Sadly, lots of fruit and vegetables are wasted before they end up in the supermarket. Sometimes they are too big, sometimes too small - or perhaps they are misshapen. That goes for other products too. Supermarkets won’t let them hit the shelves if they are nearing the end of their life, but they’re still perfectly delicious and have weeks left to enjoy them. We know that it’s the inside that counts, so we’re here to find them all a good home so nothing goes to waste.

Skip the supermarket and get your 5-a-day and more, delivered weekly. Fresh, surplus produce that helps fight food waste within farms and across big brands too. That means that you can subscribe to a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of perfectly fresh and delicious box of fruit and veggies directly to your door.

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I’m really exited about this box but I’m still having trouble ordering the box. I cant get past the page where i filled out my information. The next page where I fill out my payment simply doesnt load. Is anyone else who tried having the same problem?

Will we able to order the box using the app instead?

With best regards,

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Hey there @jacquelinegbg! I hope this was sorted out, our support team helped a few people who got stuck there, should be fixed now. :slight_smile: Thanks for saving fruit & veg through us!