Getting karma started in Australia

I really love the idea of this app, but not many people have it in Australia yet. Apart from telling everyone I know, what else can I do to get it running in Australia?


Hey @darcy.coughlan!! Loving your energy here in the Karmunity! We would love to get going in Australia. Have you read about our Ambassador program? This is the way we are trying to get movement happening in brand new places throughout the world!

You can tell everyone you know that if we get enough Ambassadors in one city who are passionate about the mission, we can start bringing Karma to you :raised_hands:

You can read more here as well.

I know @Jett is a Karmunity member who was interested in getting things going in Australia! If you are in the same location, maybe you two can connect :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Britta Is Australia a group here as well? :slight_smile:

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Yes it is!! You can find it under Groups in the main menu :+1:

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