Getting compensated - can I get paid in my country?

As an Ambassador you can get paid when you help Karma grow.

Ambassadors are not employees for Karma so in order to receive a payout from us, we use a third party payment provider to help us comply with local laws and regulations.

You will request a payout from us, but you must submit your banking information with the third party providers. Below you can find a list of the confirmed and available payment providers.

Sweden: Gigapay (
UK: Cool Company (

Why do we only support payments in these countries?
Finding a payment provider and setting up a structure for a new market takes time and while we’d love to do this for the entire world we need to focus on the countries and cities who are more likely to build a big group of ambassadors.

How do I get my city/country prioritised?
For now we’re only live in these countries but as we expand across the globe we’ll open more markets to be an ambassador in!


Hello Britta!
I noticed there are a number of US ambassadors in the Karmunity. Is there a payment method for United States of America citizens? I really do plan on networking all of the nearby restaurants and grocery stores to use your app in an effort to better my community and minimize waste here in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you for your time either way, but I really hope to dedicate a lot of time to this app. There are easily thousands of starving students, homeless, and hard working families who just need a little discount, and there is easily hundreds of pounds worth of good quality food being tossed away every day. With hard work, I can see everyone leaving with a fuller stomach and a better conscious.


Hey @xanderthegr85302! So excited for your energy and your passion! I will be reaching out to you by email. At the moment, we are not in the US but we can discuss how we can make this a reality in Phoenix (and beyond) in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in the United States too. I guess I didn’t realize just how new Karma was that there wasn’t any established company ties here yet. Still, I’ll be glad to be a pioneer for Karma when the time comes.


Hi Britta!! Could you help me find a payment method for Brasil? Thanks <3

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Hey @Clasanches,

I sent you a personal message!

Thanks :heart_eyes:


If the country where i reside in is now does not have karma’s presence, can we still start recruiting ambassadors and merchants and get paid for it?

Hello Britta! Can you help me find a payment method also for Malaysia?
Thank you!
Stay safe & healthy