Food's growing

A humbling reminder of why we do this every day… :fearful: Although we are far from solving this, we are working every day to find new ways to “eat away” at this problem.

We cannot thank you, our community, enough for being a part of this fight in small and big ways. As I tell our Ambassadors, alone we are an idea, but together we are a movement :green_heart: :earth_africa:


@Britta It is, indeed, most troubling news when it comes to food waste.

My former teacher posted a link on Facebook today in Sweden alone the waste is three times bigger than estimated. Most comes from restaurants, so I assume we should aim more to them than stores. I’ll add the link but it’s in Swedish, though. I’m sorry to those who don’t understand.


I totelly agree with @Dan about restaurants. I was on vacation last week and had All inclusive. We were late one day and sat at the table watching how the staff throws very perfect food into the waste bin.
Restaurants are a big issue !


@frederick.lofdahl @Britta I asked my former teacher (on Facebook as a post) why restaurants are throwing away so much food. If it is they don’t have the space to store them or they simply following “rules”?

I assume the majority of restaurants are those having buffets.

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