Food for the Day: Eggs 🥚

Hey All!!

Okay, so I admit I bit more than I can chew…

There was a time long long ago (*cough * January *cough *) where I said that I was going to post a food a day with tips and tricks for how to store, use up and give some freshness to things in the fridge or cupboard. BUT I obviously epically failed… :see_no_evil:

So! I am going to shoot for once a week instead and kick today off with EGGS :egg: :fried_egg:

Fried egg sandwiches are a staple food for me so eggs at the ready are a must!

But how do you store eggs and when do you know they have gone bad?? I am no expert, so please feel free to share as well!

Storing eggs:

  • Most recommend to keep eggs refrigerated, keep them in their original carton and avoid putting them in the door so they don’t change temp :thermometer:
  • Did you know that you can freeze eggs?? For whole eggs just make sure to beat them and put them in a sealed container. Another fun trick I saw was to freeze individual egg whites in ice cube trays for later! But if you freeze egg yolk, make sure to mix with either salt or sugar first.
  • Read more here to find an amazing breakdown

How to tell if eggs are bad:

  • The amazing thing?? If eggs are stored properly, they can last a long time before going bad.
  • If you are worried, just try and smell them. Most say that bad eggs will have a smell that you definitely will be able to detect.

Some cool recipe ideas

  • For those moments when you have too many eggs and you are worried they are nearing their end! Try pickling eggs or making desserts like pies, custards, cakes and more, or a yummy soup like egg drop!! I also read that you can eat the SHELL :astonished: Some make a powder and add it for the calcium.

If you have any other ideas to share, I would love to hear it :heart_eyes: Always up for a new egg recipe :upside_down_face:


You can also tell if an egg has gone bad if you put it in a glas of water. If it sinks it’s good and if it floats it’s bad


Eggs are the best! I love that it is one of the foods that if you have it at home, you can always whip up something good: like scrambled eggs, omelette or quiche.

Quiche is a really good “leftover saver” in my mind. If you have flour, butter, eggs, milk and some cheese - you can just make the dough and fill it up with whatever leftovers there are. Add the egg and milk mix with cheese and put it in the oven - delicious!

We always make sure to grind up the last bits of cheese blocks we have and put them in the freezer. In that way we always have cheese ready for lasagna, cheesy potatoes or quiche.
Butter, milk and flour are groceries we always have at home. So quiche is def a go-to for saving random leftover foods that need some love :slight_smile: