Food A Day: Popcorn🍿

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Plain, salty, buttery, sweet! One of my all time favourite snacks.

Now, I am strange and happen to love day 2 popcorn, but not all people agree with me there :laughing:

But isn’t is hard to eat a whole bag or put the right amount of kernels if you make your own??

Let me help with some creative ways to use it up:

  • Craving something sweet? Day old popcorn is great for popcorn balls, added to dessert (new texture for your cake?) and incorporated into granola bars

  • Renew its crunch by putting it in the oven

  • Break out of the mold and make a cheesy popcorn bread

  • Grind the popcorn to substitute for bread crumbs in fried chicken or crusted dishes!

  • Ever heard of popcorn ice cream? I know a restaurant in Stockholm does a caramel popcorn pancake :scream:

  • Go savoury with a Thai popcorn and peanut crusted chicken

  • Be a rebel like me and just eat it as is :sweat_smile:

Share your ideas and inspo!