Food A Day: Mushrooms🍄

Hey All and Happy Friday :parrot: TGIF Whoop whoop!

Today is a day for mushrooms. Now I am not going to talk specific mushrooms, so feel free to reply with ideas for your fave type of shroom :raised_hands:

Next time you find yourself with mushrooms that are threatening to become slimy or shrivelled, here are some ideas for you:

  • Make a duxelles to use now or freeze for later

  • Mushrooms are great for cooking right down, so slice them all up and sauté them to add to almost any dish (pasta, burgers, risotto, pizza, omelettes and more)

  • Make mushrooms on toast! My boyfriend introduced me to this and it is super simple but super tasty :heart_eyes:

  • Dry them for stronger flavours

  • Who doesn’t love a nice creamy mushroom soup??

  • I also read a tip to keep mushrooms in a paper bag in the fridge to dry them out rather than make them slimy as they age :thinking:

Let me know of your tips and tricks!


I agree on a soup, That’ll freeze well.

Kind of similar to the duxelle idea (I had to Google that word!) blitz down with walnuts for a great veg lasagne or bolognese filling.

If you’re drying mushrooms you don’t need a dehydrator, just use an oven on low. It can really intensify and concentrate the flavours


Never thought of drying my mushrooms in an oven wow must try that today!


I love mushrooms and 9/10 you can find them in the discounted section of supermarkets, just prep them how you want (soup, dry, slices ect) then freeze them xx

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