Food A Day: Cooked Oatmeal or Porridge

Happy Friday, 3rd January :spiral_calendar: :partying_face:

Have you ever cooked oatmeal or porridge for yourself or your kids, just to find that you were a little ambitious on the portions?? Yes I know that I have been there and then you think, well what in the world am I going to do with this…

You are in luck! Did you know that cooked oatmeal can be saved in the fridge if properly stored for 4-6 days?? And it can be frozen for 6 months and sometimes beyond!

But what about the next day or two? Not sure about you, but dried up or mushy old oatmeal or porridge doesn’t sound all that appetising… So what can you do with it??

How about try oatmeal bars, cookies, bread or muffins? Check this out at Organic Authority and you can find some tasty recipes that make use of leftover cooked oatmeal :bowl_with_spoon: You can also try these porridge pancakes that use up leftover porridge!

I was thinking I might try to use it on top of vanilla ice cream if I made some oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon :heart_eyes: :ice_cream: If I do, I will let you know how it goes :wink:


Hello! Try out Brown sugar & maple syrup porridge, it is definitely the best combo I have ever tried so far !


You can also bake super easy delicious bread with porridge, I dont have a specific recipe to share but Internet is our best friend :smile:


Is porridge the same as hot oatmeal, like we eat in the United States? If not, I’d love to know more about it.


I think it is!

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And decoration with chocolate syrup… :yum:


Chocolate syrup with porridge @viksr2?? Madness haha!! Sounds delicious though :slightly_smiling_face: But I am a chocolate fanatic.


Recently made cinnamon and banana porridge with peanut butter and it’s already a firm favourite


Banana and peanut butter is my all-time FAVOURITE combo :heart_eyes: Is this homemade peanut butter @kavisha?

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Have to admit it’s not as I don’t have a food processor here! It’s the meridian one though which is really good

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Also tried with berries and kefir today (have literal kilograms of oats so gotta mix it up :joy:)


@kavisha yummm!!! You should definitely join our Instagram live tomorrow where we will be doing overnight oats :heart_eyes: I will be posting more details about it here on the Karmunity this afternoon :partying_face: You can share your amazing flavour combos!

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