Food A Day: Cauliflower

I was inspired today to make a vegetarian dish and I have always wanted to try some of the cauliflower dishes. Yes, maybe it was hyped for a bit, but my boyfriend LOVES cauliflower, so I figured I would get some inspiration.

Cauliflower is versatile, so don’t be afraid to get creative when you have a lot that you don’t know how to eat fast enough. There are some insanely good recipes out there.

Because cauliflower tastes fairly neutral, it is a good vehicle for flavours and a good substitution for pasta/bread/rice!

  • Make a cauliflower parm instead of a chicken parm

  • Break the cauliflower into pieces and make tasty BBQ or Buffalo “wings”

  • Use it as a pizza crust base

  • Make rice out of it and go crazy!

  • What better combo than cauliflower and cheese?? Make a casserole, mac and cheese, or even cheesy tots with cauliflower :heart_eyes:

  • Don’t forget the leaves!! Roast it with others veggies, cook it longer for some tasty chips, or use it in soups or stews. No need to let that go to waste!

These are only a few ideas for you all. If it is getting soft, try steaming or roasting it! It may not have it’s crunch, but that doesn’t take away from the flavour and cooking something delicious :party_blob:

Have you tried anything??


Although not vegetarian, I love cauliflower in meatloaf.


Cauliflower meatloaf?? @karmafan Do you mix in cauliflower with the meat?

Yes you can grate it or finely chop it. Mix it right in with the meat, egg and some sort of crumbs.
Believe it or not I’ve actually made a very meatball with cauliflower in the middle.


I love our easy family recipe, here it is :arrow_down::

  1. :hocho:Chop a cauliflower into big pieces, i’d say even parts.
  2. Boil them in a salted water for 10 minutes, but it depends on the cooker. (You have to make sure that the pieces fit into the pot). The condition of the cauliflower after boiling must be still crunchy, but visually it should become, like, transparent, you know.
  3. :egg: :egg: :egg:Crack some eggs (3-4) and stir them like for the omlette. Add some salt (or not, up to you).
  4. :bowl_with_spoon:Take a big plate or bowl and put some flour there (like, a glass).
  5. Take a pan, heat it up and add some oil.

So now we actually start cooking.
You take 1 boiled piece of the cauliflower. Then put it into flour and make sure the flour covers the piece. After, you put this piece into the eggs and also make sure they cover the piece. Put this and some next pieces on the pan and fry until the eggs are ready.

I swear you will love this dish, especially hot. I also like to eat it with some mayonnese. Try and share your thoughts! :heart:

(in the end you’ll get something like this)


Amazing @annsemenko321 thanks for sharing!! It looks delicious :heart_eyes: I will have to make this for my boyfriend as he loooves cauliflower!

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I make cauliflower mashed potatoes so I don’t have so much starch.

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