Food A Day: Beans!

Hey all and happy Monday, 6th of January!! According to Paula Bowen, today is national bean day so here we are :laughing:

Now I know that “beans” is a wide category so for now I will stick with black beans. Do you ever have that moment where you opened a can of beans and found that you only really needed half of it? Well if you are trying to figure out what else to do with them I have a few great ideas for you!

  1. I may have talked about this with chickpeas, but have you ever tried to make black bean hummus? Actually quite tasty and a good way to mix it up from your standard hummus.

  2. Make a black bean veggie burger! Sooo good and amazing for vegetarians and vegans alike :heart_eyes:

  3. Black bean desserts. Yes: dark chocolate/chocolate + black beans = heaven. Make a rich and dreamy cookie or brownie!

  4. You can’t go wrong with a tried and true bean dip or bean soup, but you might need to open a few more cans/cook up a few more beans!

  5. Check out some more ideas here


You also gotta try wraps with beans / feta cheese and cucumber : heaven !


Oooo :heart_eyes: Do you have any sauce in it?

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Well I don’t always but I put spices I like and sometimes hummus if I have some!

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Roasted red pepper hummus is my favourite!! But maybe classic hummus would be best with beans :yum:

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Was about to suggest this! Had some beans, tortilla wraps and cheese left from a Mexican themed dinner party so bean & cheese wraps it was for a while…:joy:

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OMG, I love black beans. Black bean hummus sounds amazing!!!