Food A Day: Almonds

Almonds are one of my favourite foods! I always sprinkle them every morning on my greek yoghurt, add them to smoothies or just munch on them raw.

But what are some creative ways to use up almonds? Now, it is true that they last and last, but they can go bad from time to time when you aren’t paying attention!

What are some creatives ways to use them up?

  • Classic almond butter. Make your own simply with a food processor, some salt and other flavours you want! (I love honey)

  • DIY Almond Milk

  • Use it as a base for pasta or other flour dish

  • Make mascarpone!

  • Flavour your dishes by using almonds for a nutty sauce, chopping or slivering them on a salad.

  • Try out candied almonds or coat them with chocolate. Chocolate + almonds + sea salt = best simple dessert ever!!

Feel free to read some of these awesome uses for almonds here! What are your ideas??


Dark chocolate almond butter is my fave!!!


Here’s an almond butter recipe I found :blush::

  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. Spread the almonds across a large baking sheet and roast the almond for 10 minutes, mixing halfway
  3. Let the almonds cool until they’re warm (about 10 minutes)
  4. Transfer the almonds to a high speed blender or food processor and blend it until smooth (be patient, it will take a long time) - keep scraping the sides and breaking the clumps that will form
  5. Add spices :hot_pepper: - you can add cinnamon, vanilla or even maple syrup
    NOTE: the mixture might get hot while blending, if it gets too hot, stop and let it cool for a few minutes



I LOOOVVVEEE almond butter!!! Thanks for sharing :heart_eyes: Have you ever tried adding some dark chocolate as well?? Sooo good. Like @Tessisbest says :yum:


@Clasanches I never thought about maple syrup… Have you ever tried it before? I am curious to know how it was :yum:

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@Britta that sound delicious! :slight_smile:

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Yes almond butter is absolutely the best! You can also use almonds to make pesto. I feel like they are much easier to find (at least cheaper) than pine nuts or walnuts that are often used as the base for pesto recipes.

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Ah amazing! I had never thought of that @ella thanks for sharing!! Do you have any particular pesto recipe with almonds that you have tried?

You could literally just replace the pine nuts that the recipe calls for with almonds but one that already includes almonds in the recipe and is really simple and quick is by Deliciously Ella:

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Wow :heart_eyes: :heart: Must try!! Thank you :raised_hands:

I make the most amazing ricotta with almonds, nutritional yeast, firm tofu, lemon, garlic and herbs!! Such a good way to use up wilting herbs too