Feedback to consider?

Hey Britta… really enjoying Karma and making my mark on saving our beautiful planet! I’ve recently introduced the app to colleagues and friends and it feels great to support your mission, however, the biggest topic of conversation between us is the 3kr fee per purchase in Sweden. Most say they are only using the app once a day, because of the fee, but they would use the app multiple times a day if the fee was not per purchase. Possibly the fee could be capped per day or if extra incentives/discounts were given to use the app multiple times a day, most people would not hesitate to use it more often. I hope this feedback is some food for thought and I hope Karma becomes a global success!


Hey there @princessweapon! Thank you for being a Karma supporter!
The fee is there to make sure we cover our operational costs of running Karma. We’re still a “small” company of 75 people that are rapidly trying to bring this to the world and even though the sellers are paying about 25% of what they sell to us we still need to make ends meet. Given the discount of around 50% the fee shouldn’t add too much to the total and should still be a heavily discounted alternative – but definitely hear your feedback and will think of how this could be improved. The idea of having every 2nd purchase the same day be without a fee might be a good way to do it but a bit tricky to implement. Let me add this as a question to the product team! Thanks! :slight_smile: :karmalogo:


I TOTALLY understand, but I just hope the feedback helps. I know myself, if i use Karma for a breakfast item, i will not go back and use it again for lunch or for a snack. If the fee was capped at a daily rate, then i would totally consider using it multiple times a days. All i can say, is that it’s good that people are talking about Karma and i’ve recently introduced Karma to my family and friends in Sydney, Australia but as yet there is nothing available, so hope it gets there soon! Thanks for the reply!