Favourite Warm Winter beverage?

I know that here in Sweden coffee is almost always the beverage of choice, but what is your favourite winter-time drink to help warm yourself on a cold winter day?

Growing up I used to drink hot chocolate, but I have never made a homemade syrup that you can store and use for later! Not sure how I feel about the cayenne pepper (traditional all the way), although I would love to give this a try!


I’m a tea girl myself. Love having green tea with lemon in the morning and a chai or something similar in the afternoon :tea:


Chai with whipped cream :slight_smile: but most often, it is coffee with oat milk.


Lovely warm and spiced apple cider home made!


A nice mulled wine while walking around the Christmas Market! :christmas_tree:


Homemade matcha latte with soy milk :tea:

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All these suggestions are making me crave a cozy rainy day, with a warm mug and a book :heart_eyes:

I’m part of the small group in Sweden that always pick tea over coffee, because as @Britta said coffee is definitely the warm drink most people pick to drink here in Sweden. But I can’t stand the taste.

Hot chocolate in the winter is never wrong though. Or during a cold rainy day :grin:


What you have to try if you go out in the cold and have some hot chocolate with you… bring some Fazer mint chocolate… when you have the hot chocolate in the mug put 1 or 2 Fazer mint in and stir till it dissolves… that is great if it’s cold outside… and inside too…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::joy:

Don’t tell my diabetic nurse … :rofl: