Emphasize the amount of items ordered

Hi! Love the app and especially the food I’ve saved.

Although, one thing I’ve noticed while using the app is that the amount of an item is hard to read. I’ve had to remind the staff at pickup that I’ve ordered more than one of an item.

Maybe use a pink amount with white background if only one item (I mean, if it’s already on the order list you don’t really need to clarify that it’s only one of the item ordered)
And then if there’s two or more items ordered, then there could be a white number with pink background (as it is now) to put emphasis on the amount ordered.

Just a thought I had, and maybe someone else has a better idea of what could be done to emphasize the amount ordered…


Hey there - good feedback @draft! Ping @kate on this :slight_smile:

@draft Awesome idea. I have now passed it along to Kate so it is now in our team’s radar!! Thanks for letting us know :partying_face:

Hey guys, my name is Ge I’m from London and new to the karmunity.

Love what you guys are doing. Keep it up :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:

I had a question… sometimes food is listed to be collected during the day time. Why would this food be sold through karma? I assume it isn’t fresh so does that mean it is older that 24 hours ? Because if it is fresh (meaning it is produced the same day) and left over…surely it would have already been listed on karma during the evening of the day it was produced??

Just curious about the food I’m purchasing. Thanks

Ge :blush:


Hey @b_mista!
Great question - actually a lot of food on Karma is fresh and falls under the definition “would go to waste if not saved” meaning that if you’re running a restaurant that does 100 salads for lunch and usually have 20 left by 3pm but all of a sudden you’re at 3pm with 50 salads left - you can assume that you’ll waste a lot that day. Karma then helps places to upload their food in advance to make sure they come closer to a zero waste level.

In markets that have been up and running longer on Karma there’s actually food available 24/7 as retailers use Karma to end on zero food waste and Karma helps them predict how to do that for each day :slight_smile:

I hope that clarifies it for you!

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Super helpful, thanks!

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