Are doggy bags looked at differently depending on where you live?

I wanted to share with you all this PDF from the European Commission about tips and tricks on how to reduce your own food waste, because you can never have too many of those!

But it got me thinking about something I read the other day and was really baffled by. It was talking about how in the US, taking home leftovers from your meal in doggy bags/to go containers was just so normal there but not as much so where they lived in Europe (I think it was UK or Ireland).

My question is: Do you feel that it is frowned upon or strange to ask your waiter or waitress for a doggy bag so you can take what you didn’t finish for the next day?


Good question. I’m curious as well. I’m in the states and think it is perfectly ok, almost expected. However, I don’t frequent fancy restaurants so I’m not sure how even they handle it. I’m looking forward to some replies from others elsewhere!


I haven’t really thought about it much. I think it depends on the person and the restaurant? I know that I am super comfortable asking for a container if I can’t finish my food. However, I am not very shy!

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I guess in France it is rare to ask for a doggy bag. I personally rarely do it because I always finish my dish ahah but I guess if you ask it is accepted and I think it should be more done but I don’t know for the really good restaurant gastronomic restaurant the expensive restaurants if you ask maybe it is weird… I don’t know


@anon76917530, would it be more common for the restaurant to offer, or is it only if you ask? Might not be the best reference, but I was reading an article about how French culture finds it a bit more strange or uncommon due to expectations to finish your plate and have smaller portions. Maybe this has changed a bit, but yeah I understand you with usually finishing my dish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey! Yeah maybe true that we expect everyone to finish dish but it depends on family habits. And I can see it is not all French that finish their dish and I’m sure some don’t care about wasting food.
So here I’m letting you know about worm box experience. So it has been 2 days and it is quite uneasy at first because you need to put on the light for them day and night for 2 to 3 days until they get use to their new home… Yes yes… Lol if you don’t they tend to want to escape! Aha yeah so I will tell you about the result in 1 month because the juce for plants will be produced only 3 weeks after. But even so it’s fun to have this box at home you should just never forget the light during 3 days and nights :joy:


I guess to some degree, it always depends on family habits and what you are used to.

Slightly confused how the worm box comes into this, but that is crazy :scream: I know this isn’t the first question I should be asking, but why why why would they escape without a light for 3 days??

Also can you explain this juice for plants to me?

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Worms are living beings so they also feel afraid when they are in a new environment. Then need to get used to it to feel at home… Lol
The juice you get from the compost is a fertiliser for plants. Very nutritious.


Wow… Never knew that!! But I wonder what the light does to make it less scary (as they are mainly underground anyway?) :rofl:

I have never used a composter before (which I hope to soon). Once you get this juice, what happens then?

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They don’t like light that is why they don’t go out of the box when the light is on they prefer the dark because they live underground.

Then you put some water to the juice and put it inside the plant soil.



Ahhh okay!! That is awesome! I had honestly never heard of the worm box compost before :upside_down_face: Let me know of how it goes!

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Hey! So my compost box is doing well lol after 1 week the worms are now peacefully eating the vegs. So you need to add sometimes a bit of water and also shells of eggs mixed into very small bits or small bits of cardboard or newspaper. Then I will need to wait about 1 month to get a juice for plants. And no worries, no smell, nothing. They just stay in the box now :blush:. And you need to add loam inside the box so that they feel confortable.

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It is no problem Here, in Örebro, sweden. Long time ago i learned ”doggybagging” in the usa. When i came home noone knew it Here… but in 2020 most foodplaces see it as norm. They all have good boxes but unfortunately not enviromentally good ones.