Any users in Uppsala, Sweden?

Hello! Are there any users in Uppsala, Sweden?
I know we have quite a few different places that are part of Karma here, but it would be great to hear what places you are working on to help join :smiley:
All the best!



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I’m from Uppsala!


Fantastic! Just wanted to say that I was at Guntherska the other week (have attempted to get them to join previously) and they said that they give their leftover food to their employees and also have a collaboration with Uppsala Stadsmission (people in need) where they give away food, so they were not interested in joining at this point. However, I will send them an e-mail with info so they have it if anything changes.

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Om from Värmland :hugs::grinning:

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Im make really good food to lots of children at a daycare in Uppsala. Some times I have food left, and I sell it to parents for a cheap price. When nobody buy it I have to throw it after a few days… how can I tell people that they can buy food for half the price from me?

Hey @nennepenne75 - could you sign up for Karma? Then people would be able to see you in their apps and buy right from you.

Im not working there anymore. Im ‘between jobs’ right now :grin: