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Introduce Yourself here!

We want to get to know you! Tell us a few things about yourself :wave: Let us know where you are from :earth_africa: What brings you to the Karmunity :tada: My name is Britta and I am your Karmunity Manager!! :karma…

211 1 April 2020
In need of Swedish or French Support?

Hey All!! I know that we have had an increase in the amount of Swedish posts as well as French posts in response to our new initiatives. All of your feedback and engagement has been greatly appreciated, but as this is a…

2 1 April 2020
About the The Karmunity category 1 7 November 2019
Karmunity Brain Storm!

Calling all Karmunity Members!! I want you to finish this sentence by clicking reply below :arrow_down: One thing that I think would make the Karmunity AWESOME would be… So I’ll give you my own example: One thing that …

44 27 March 2020
Karmunity Tour Video

Hey new Karmunity members!! I made a quick video to guide you around the Karmunity and show you how it works :karma_color: Enjoy the tour :partying_face:

11 20 March 2020
Inspire to Action: We have a dream

Hey Karmunity Members! I encourage all those who join this community to take a listen to this. We believe in a future of Zero Food Waste. “The movements that survive are the ones driven by the people. And the people who…

3 11 January 2020
Who is the Karmunity for?

The Karmunity is only slightly limited by age! Although our youngsters need permission to join, the Karmunity is open for anyone and everyone no matter if you are just curious about who we are and what we do or if you ar…

2 10 November 2019
Why did you create the Karmunity?

Great question! Karma has a mission to become the first Zero Food Waste Generation and we know we can’t do it alone :people_holding_hands::people_holding_hands: We are a growing start-up company, but we need YOU, people…

2 10 November 2019
What did I do to deserve these badges?

Badges in the Karmunity are based on the different activities you do here. Check out how the badges work here :arrow_down: and how you can start your collection! :1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal: We…

2 10 November 2019
I have Introduced myself, what's next?

Start by joining your country in Karma Worldwide so that you get to grow with your community! You can shoutout cities and restaurants you want on the Karma map, hear about new places that started selling with Karma that …

6 2 December 2019
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Humour therapy 3 31 March 2020
Ambassador volunteer 2 30 March 2020
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What happened to Zero Waist? 2 29 March 2020
Increasing incidents of Karma bags or unspecified items on Karma. I hope we won't adopt the Hobson's choice approach like TooGoodToGo! 1 28 March 2020
USA Ambassador? 7 28 March 2020
Cooking with Karma: Live on Instagram Tomorrow! 2 28 March 2020
Need a break from home office? Join our online Fika with Friends! 5 26 March 2020
Credit expiration freeze in times of covid 4 25 March 2020
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Our Engagement to our Community 1 24 March 2020
Important Updates from Karma for those in Sweden 1 19 March 2020
Getting compensated - can I get paid in my country? 6 23 March 2020
International Students in London 1 23 March 2020
Karma in Kent? 2 13 March 2020
Worried about Corona/COVID-19? How is it in your city/country? :microbe: 1 13 March 2020
So you want to become an Ambassador?

Karma is growing and we are looking for passionate individuals who want to fight food waste by becoming Ambassadors for Karma in their own city! :karmalogo: As Ambassadors you’ll be responsible for a range of things to …

48 12 March 2020
Im new and i want to become a ambassador 5 12 March 2020
The single-use containers dilemma😥 4 11 March 2020